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Some selected references of the last approx. 18 months:

- Consultancy works for Arabic Investors to support project development
- Project Management for a 400 MW CCGT-CHP power project
- Feasibility study and pre-engineering works for a 100 MWel-CSP-power plant in Jordan
- Pre-engineering works for a 30 MWel-CSP-power plant in India
- Concept study for a 130 MWe- CCGT-CHP power plant
- Due Diligence on Power plants (Coal, Lignite, Gas, Waste) and a power utility and a Bio-process technology company
- Concept study for a waste incineration plant to reach the required energy efficiency (R1-value)
- Workshops on CSP for power utilities and EPC-contractors
- Comparison study about CSP-technologies
- Communication training
- ...


100 MWel-CSP power plant