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career at enolcon gmbh

As a young company we can not offer the basic properties of a huge enterprise, with all its complicated structures and rules and limited responsibilities and limited room for own decisions.

But we can offer the freedom to work on demanding and promising subjects and to gain fast responsibility for interesting and challenging international projects. Due to the fact that a Know-How-company like enolcon is always a step ahead and needs to stay ahead, the continuous training and development of the knowledge and skills of our team members is an important asset for us.


The basic of our compensation package is not lower than in other companies, the direct participation at the success of enolcon and your work has a clear stronger impact on your salary than it would be the case in other companies.

Interested ? ---- We always look for highly qualified new team members.

We look forward to you.

Actual Job offers

Project Manager:
As enolcon-Project Manager you take over the management of whole projects, from support of the Managing Directors of enolcon during project aquisition and as well project execution and realisation up to the hand over to the client.
This applies studies in the field of renewable energies, but as well the project management of a 400 MWel-Project. In addition to the necessary engineering knowledge your good English language skills in writing and speaking are a must.

Project engineers:
As Project Engineer you support the Management of enolcon and the Project Managers. Your add value are your technical skills and know-how (e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Process Engineering etc.).
At the same time we support your personal development target oriented for more complex and higher leveled tasks. Target is not only that you broaden your skills and experience to be more flexibel for new tasks and challenges but as well develop your personality to become a leader.

In case you are interested, please contact us, by phone or mail (, see as well 'contact'.