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Energy - Challenges today

The challenges of our time for a sustainable power supply are very complex. It is necessary to “feed” uprising countries like India or China with energy. Worldwide climate relevant and environmental polluting emissions shall be or have to be reduced. Industrial nations should be competitive by low price power supply with high quality and availability.

Mankind has started to recognize that resources are not eternal, first countries have started to change their mind in other directions.

In this phase of beginning strong and fundamental changes of power supply worldwide highly intelligent demanding technical and commercial solutions are required. The more parties participate in this changes the bigger is at the end the success and the acceptance for a new technology for power supply.

A variety of Know-How is required for Project development and the successful realization of demanding and complex projects in the conventional field (gas + carbon) and as well in renewable energy projects (for example: solar, biomass, geothermal).

It does not only include knowledge of engineering and technical creativeness on a highest level, the combination of extraordinary Project Management and the knowledge of Financing demands allow a remarkable success.

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