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enolcon will make every effort in providing you with high- quality and maximum level of information. Nevertheless these informations are supplied without liability in relevance to the current situation, correctness, completeness, quality or availability.

Claims for responsibility against the operator of this website concerning material or non-material damages which may have been caused by using or not using the offered information respectively by using incorrect and incomplete information are out of the question in principle if on the part of the operator no intentional or negligent fault can be proved.

All offers on this website are not binding . Parts of the pages or the complete offer are reserved to be revised, added, deleted or to cease publication at times or definitive without advance notice.

Referral and Links

Provided that through links are directly or indirectly referred to which are out of responsibility of the operator, he will be only liable if he had knowledge of the contents and if it was technically possible and reasonable to avoid the use in case of illegal contents.

We emphasize particularly that at time of placing the link no illegal contents on the connected pages were discernible.

The author has no influence on current and future lay-outs, contents or authorship of linked / connected pages.

In case of damage caused by using or not using offered information only the operator of these pages, not the one who refers to links prevailing publication.

This reservation is in force as well as foreign entry of visitors books or forum.

We use links only to offer our customers / visitors the opportunity for further information. A link doesn`t have the meaning that we recommend these foreign pages or that we adopt the contents.

Legal effectiveness of exclusion of liability

This exclusion of liability is part of our website referred to it.

If parts or phrasing of the text should not, not any longer or incomplete not correspond to the current legal position, rest of the documents are unaffected in contents and validity.